Notice of Change to Conditions of Service Document

The Distribution System Code requires that every distributor produce its own “Conditions of Service” document. The purpose of this document is to provide a means of communicating the types and level of service available to the customers within the distributor’s service territory.

The current version of the Conditions of Service was published in 2017.  Since then, various changes to regulations and codes that govern Distributor activities have come into effect, which in turn require updates to the original document.

The revised document is available to view on our web site, Customers without internet access may obtain a copy of the revised Conditions of Service at our office at 207 Division Street Cobourg.

The public is invited to make written comments on the revisions. Comments will be accepted until July 31, 2019.

Please direct all written comments to:

Attention: Conditions of Service

Lakefront Utilities

207 Division Street

Cobourg, ON K9A 4L3

Read the Conditions of Service document and the summary of changes

CHEC Conditions of Service – Version 8 R3-2019_Revisons_R3

COS revision summary