Lakefront Utilities receives funding for Next-Generation Electrical Upgrades

Member of Parliament for Northumberland–Peterborough South Kim Rudd, on behalf of Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, today announced a $164,000 investment to strengthen the reliability of Ontario’s electricity grid and cut pollution.

Led by Lakefront Utilities, the project involves the installation of a Digital Utility Platform to run the electricity grid more strategically. This tool will automatically identify outages, manage increased demand due to the growing use of electric vehicles and better integrate more renewable energy into the grid.

“Investing in green infrastructure is critical to making our communities strong and sustainable,” said MP Rudd. “Working with industry to build cleaner, safer, better-connected electricity systems will improve service delivery and encourage customers to reduce energy use.”

The funding will support a 24/7 monitoring system to help prevent power outages, improve response times and reduce the number of service calls that require a crew to be sent out to investigate. It will also improve overall system efficiency by identifying overloaded transformers. E-billing will be available through a mobile application, which will also support customers in their energy conservation efforts by supplying tips and detailed explanations of their electricity bills.

Federal funding for this project is provided by Natural Resources Canada’s Smart Grid Program, which provides investments to utilities to reduce pollution and better use existing electricity assets while encouraging innovation. The Smart Grid Program is part of the Government of Canada’s more than $180-billion Investing in Canada infrastructure plan.

“I want to thank Member of Parliament Kim Rudd as well as everyone at Natural Resources Canada for their support, confidence and trust in Lakefront Utilities in this important initiative,” said Dereck Paul, Lakefront Utilities Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer.

“As a leader in creating a green energy future, Lakefront Utilities is pleased to be an active partner in building a reliable, cost-effective electrical system that brings value to our customers and shareholders,” said Paul. “Over the last five years, Lakefront has steadily moved in the direction of sustained grid reliability. If you are a resident or business owner in Cobourg, I trust you can appreciate the dramatic reduction in outages over the recent years. Today we are the 7th most reliable electric utility out of 61 in the Province of Ontario.”