Lakefront Conducts Survey on Customer Satisfaction

Lakefront Utilities Inc. will be conducting a telephone survey of their electric customers in Cobourg and Colborne. The bi-annual survey is a requirement from the Ontario Energy Board to measure customer satisfaction.

Customers may receive a telephone call from a third-party company, Advanis, who is facilitating the interviews on Lakefront’s behalf. Those who receive the call will be asked a series of questions ranging from power quality and reliability, to billing and payment options, to communications and customer service. The surveyors from Advanis will also request basic demographic information, but will not ask for an account number, home address or any banking information.

Customers with an unlisted phone number or who prefer not to be contacted for purposes such as surveys, are asked to please call Lakefront’s Office at 905-372-2193 and your account will be updated with that information.

“Lakefront Utilities prides itself on delivering excellent customer service and always prioritizing our customers,” commented Dereck Paul, President of Lakefront Utilities Inc. “The responses received through this survey help Lakefront to improve our customer service processes to better assist our community. If you receive a phone call, please consider participating in this five-minute survey.”

Results from the survey will be included in Lakefront Utilities’ annual scorecard which will be released in September 2020.

For more information on the customer satisfaction survey, please contact Lakefront Utilities Inc.’s office by calling 905-372-2193 or emailing